Monday, 26 January 2015

Roy Wood from The Wizard on the cover of Sparky! Pop Mad!

 The Sparky logo with the laughing faces don't work for me looks a bit rushed...though the hands holding up signs and the 5p hanging off the finger is fun..

I get the joke now he looks like an lion...GULP!
Its Glam rock era...
There is a joke about Gary Glitter on Pop Mad!!!

Its nicely done cartoons mixing with photos and some nice jokes...this feature didn't last long...shame has I like it..

The photos have come out pretty well...better when Wow comic when they did a similar thing with Star Turns with tv and pop photos and jokes in the 80's..


Raven said...

Funny thing is, the glam era was long over by this time.
I wonder why they chose black and white photos for the front covers during this period. Colour photos would surely have looked better.

Peter Gray said...

It is all very odd...