Sunday, 4 January 2015

Cheeky the first three stories from Krazy comics in October 1976.

 One of the best Fleetway characters..he is up there with Frankie stein, Sweeny Toddler, Bumpkin Billionaires..Its fun seeing the first appearance I thought this can't be by Frank Mc Diarmid!
But its signed by shows how these characters changed and adapted as Frank worked on this.

I like the cat nicking the milk!

Cheeky breaking the fourth wall is what made it special and always talking to the reader.

Paper tearing fun on other page...Cheeky say you'll get a clip round the ear! OW! 
The Knock-knock door becomes free from this point on see number 3 story!!!

 The Baker boy looked younger in those days...teacher had slightly different hair! the dandruff has started!!

A cover star in the making!

How to make a swiss roll...push it down a mountain slope!

Bump Bump Bernie prototype! 

The snail has arrived!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
No Lilypop yet!

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Niblet said...

Thanks for posting these strips. As you mentioned, I think Frank was trying a different style of drawing in these early Cheeky stories.