Monday, 5 January 2015

Ken Reid's Robot Smith from Jackpot comics -no. 1 from May 1979

I always thought John Geering draws this strip which he does later on...But just discovered its Ken Reid!!
So a new one for me and probably other Ken Reid fans out there..His pal looks like Faceache's friend!
Jackpot No. 2

Ken Reid at least draws this up to number 14.
15 is by John Geering then now and again until 20.

No.19 Jackpot Ken Reid

John Geering Robot Smith No.20

Kazoop! whose a big Ken Reid fan have you seen this?


Irmantas said...

Yes, I have :) Ken only drew the strip in the beginning. Not his best work, but still OK.

Peter Gray said...

oh well I thought I had you then... :) you are still the Ken Reid king fan!