Wednesday, 17 October 2012

Xray specs which I remember even today.and.scared me when I read this at 8 years old..

9th October 1982 Buster and Jackpot

I had a thing about skeletons which I found very scary when I was young. Dad bought me a plastic skeleton to hang up in my window to get me used to them. So this Xray specs story really got to my imagination..
It may look tame now and its not like the horror in Power comics of the 60's..
Sometimes though a strip can catch you off guard and give you nightmares..
Still find skeletons creepy...

seem to remember seeing a film of the man with xray eyes..having Ray's problem..


Konsumterra said...

i remember this one well - cheers for awesome blog!

George Shiers said...

Wow! All the bird-like alien skeletons! Pretty creepy!

1000MB said...

I read this in one of the Buster Monthly specials or a Big Comic Fortnightly or something like that. X ray specs is one of my favourite Mike Lacey characters.

Harry Rickard said...

Blimey! Very dark!
Absolutely loved it!