Tuesday, 23 October 2012

Mickey Mouse Weekly UK with wonderful painted large covers!!

Issue #1 - 08/02/1936

http://www.thechildrenspicturecompany.c ... ouse/page1


I've found these examples..I like the bonfire one..poor Goofy..:)

The artists name in the international book of comics by Denis Gifford page 52 is
Wilfred Haughton painted the covers..


Haughton drew his final Mickey Mouse Weekly cover in 1940 (for Weekly 229)

Basil Reynolds took over who was also great at drawing the covers..he also drew in the comic Skit, Skat and the Captain..

Wilfred refused to update the look of Mickey from barnyard look to the clothed Mickey..so Basil took over..



more Basil Reynolds...

what great covers they were very eye catching and also printed large and colourful..

Mickey Mouse weekly was one of the influences of the creation of The Dandy in 1937..

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Image from Phil's link.the artwork is still brilliant...not Basil now..
Wonder if this artwork was used in America or just for the British and European market..

Image Heres a very British theme...so must have been for our country only

Image Union flag..

Image Bonfire night Nov 4th issue for Nov 5th..


TwoHeadedBoy said...

I saw a big stack of these in a comic shop in London last week - now I'm wishing I'd bought them, they're beautiful!

George Shiers said...

Wow! What amazing covers! I've never bought one of these (although I have been tempted), but I'd really like to see whats inside!

@TwoHeadedBoy - How could you let something so awesome go! I suggest heading back to London as soon as possible! :D

TwoHeadedBoy said...

Believe me, I'd love to be able to just nip over to London whenever the fancy takes me - but being in Liverpool as I am, it'd be a 12 hour round trip on the bus (ho ho!).

Anonymous said...

Of only You could post the issues from 1954 with pecos bill comics