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UPDATE Ken Reid- Faceache's Dad!

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The episode that explains how Faceache found himself at Belmonte appeared in Buster and Monster Fun with the cover date of Jan 14th, 1978. Faceache has a diabolical dream about a headmaster welcoming him at his ghastly establishment. Next morning he’s woken up by Dad who has won £ 75,000 in the pools. At last they can go on that World cruise Dad has always dreamed about. Faceache is delighted because now they can live permanently in a posh hotel. Dad realises that because of Faceache’s scrunging hobby they’ll get kicked out of hotels all over the Globe. He announces that Faceache’s future home will be Belmonte. Faceache thinks it is the name of a posh hotel. Instead, Dad takes him to the Belmonte School for Uncontrollable Young Whelps. Dad is off on that World cruise, leaving Faceache in the iron hands of Mr. Albert Thrashbottom, the Headmaster who makes his first appearance in that same issue. Mr. Snipe joined the lineup a week later in Buster and Monster Fun dated Jan 21st, 1978.

However, this wasn’t the last last time that the readers saw Faceache’s Dad: he was shown just one more time on board a luxury liner as it sailed past Mr. Thrashbottom drifting helplessly mid-ocean in his boat after having transported Faceache and Mr. Snipe to Bleak Rock Island for a one-boy survival course. Dad’s last appearance was inBuster and Monster Fun dated February 11, 1978.
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Thanks for explaining what happens to the father and how Faceache ends up at a boarding school!

Buster and Jet 26th January 1974

Buster and Jet 29th Dec 1973

Faceache's Dad had to put up with being unemployed But also his scrunging Son. But I'll add Faceache had to put up with his angry mood swinging Dad! Quite a dark relationship! Almost Dickens type characters..

Buster 12th September 1981     
I thought this was very sad...But maybe Snide in a way has become his replacement father!!!!!
Also what happened to the mum!?                              


John Smoth said...

Was there a strip where Faceache ended up at that school. Or did he just start appearing there without reason.

Peter Gray said...

I don't have all the Faceache's so don't know that answer.maybe someone else can help...