Saturday, 11 August 2012

75 years of The Dandy- Jack Prout's Super Sam

I love this angle and the way the trees frame the picture..the date couldn't fit in the corner in the black shadows..

Jack Prout was a lot better at the adventure strip with Black is unusual seeing cartooney mixed with good drawings...
The squirrel is done in a beautiful way...and the brick work on the house..

Its a shame the aliens still have slaves!! If only they were more like friends it might of worked better..its a bit cold..and unkind..
Also not much alien buisness seems to happen other than he has great not very interesting..

so not very Super..unlike Black Bob!!!!!!!!!!.

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Andy Boal said...

Sam looks very like Ace Garp. Wonder if Massimo Belardinelli was a Prout fan?