Friday, 24 August 2012

UPDATE 75 years of The Dandy The first comic work by Tom Paterson!!! The Dangerous Dumplings..

This was printed in 11th Jan 2003 and has you can see the kid is holding a old Dandy with Korky the cat on the cover..which is from the early 70's.

UPDATE- Thanks to Andy this is drawn by Ken Harrison and the header which must of been drawn in 2003 is by Jimmy Glen. so these characters were tried out by Ken has well as Tom in the mid 70's. I've put up Tom's version above from the 75 year book of The Dandy.

In the Art and History of The Dandy book 75 years it mentions this strip (page 200) which was called The Dangerous Dumplings! and wow it was an amazing thing to learn. It was renamed for 2003 the Doyle family as it sounded like the BBC comedy The Royal Family and with new speech balloons.
Albert Barnes was working on a secret project to create a new comic with a new artist who was a school boy at the time Tom Paterson. What is so lovely about this story is how Albert was excited about this young chaps talent and wanted him to work for him as soon as he left school at 16. He even visited him and Albert never did that for an artist before.

Albert was dead right about Tom Paterson...what an amazing talent!!!!

He thought the reason Desperate Dan was so great was because of his chin hence why the whole family have large chins as well..Well the new comic never happened and Tom started working for the rival Fleetway in 1974 for Whoopee!! Of course Tom came back to work for the Dandy in the late 80's!

One of the great reads in the art and history book.


Andy Boal said...

I don't have the book yet, but I'm certain that's a Ken Harrison example.

The banner is by Jimmy Glen.

Peter Gray said...

Thanks Andy..updated page and shown the page from the book of Tom's version.