Friday 10 August 2012

75 Years -The Dandy -Spunky and his Spider by Bill Holroyd

 In tribute to an amazing record breaking comic The Dandy and the brilliant new book..Buy now

 I'll be doing some posts on The Dandy.and focusing on some of the panels in large size. Some brilliant artists worked for The Dandy..and Bill is one of them..

The Dandy 1968

I love the different poses of the spider..also some great expressions on the crowds faces...each different..also the laughing chuckling Punch in the corner is a good contrast to the fright.
The crowd have life has some are running away already...its not just a load of faces with the same shock expression.

 Quite tricky to draw showing a spider run..also great the different running positions of the runners..a good low angle to show the spider better..and the tumbled out of the way children..
 I like the space on the panel Bill leaves...

This has to be my favourite panel..

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