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Valiant comic's The last boys in the world thanks to dwitefry

This strip seems to rings true of what would happen if boys were on there own...
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The Last Boys on Earth was fantastic Peter Gray, these kids came out of school and found that them and their science teacher (Mr Watts) were the last people left in the country, they later found a Professor Harrison in American and went there, it turned out the Earth had been invaded by alien machines from the planet Urallius, but it was exceptionally atmospheric and quite creative, plus everyone became a complete badass by the story's end - there was empty towns, floods, shipwrecks, battles with robots - it started about May 1966 and lasted until mid '67 (anyone has the correct dates? I have very little, it's going to be a problem with everything i post for the next month or so until the indexes I've ordered arrive).

here's an earlyish strip (about the second or third) from the 7th May 1966 issue of Valiant proving that the first thing British kids think of after the apocalypse is nicking stuff:



I don't have the complete strip sadly but it's easily my favourite of the Valiant serials I've read. Though I liked The Lurking Menace a fair bit, but i like those 'monster rampages, fairly attractive man tries to stop it' stories like the Planet Z strips or The Sludge.

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comicoz said...

This was my favourite story in VALIANT too. I would dearly LOVE to hear that Rebellion would consider reprinting it. Thanks for reminding me of it!

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