Sunday, 15 July 2012

Ken Reid's The Beano's Jonah in large size..The whole world should know about Ken Reid..

If there ever is a complete Jonah book by DC Thomson which could happen...hopefully they will reproduce it extra the Legend of Desperate Dan book..
I was inspired by Lew's post and the extra large panel of Fatty from the Nervs with his eyes popping out through his glasses!!!

 Great lettering and very clear seeing Jonah in shadow..I love title panels which are different each week..

 Ken is great at drawing ships of all types..also nice determined Jonah at the 3D ships wheel..

Every panel is worth looking at extra large...
Great pen effect for the ghostly Jonah

Look at this frame!! 

All hand lettered by Ken

Theres real depth to the figures...and extreem expressions and nice hands..also lots of depth in each picture..
its been a revelation seeing them super sized..
.I can see why people say he is our best UK comic artist..
Also great writing on scrolls throughout. 
Thank goodness its a comic and nobody got hurt or died..:)


Rabsmith said...

Perhaps the greatest comics artist the planet ever gave us, Peter---Ken is certainly a contender.


ramapith said...

One of the greats. I've worked with the Carl Barks/Donald Duck/Uncle Scrooge school for years, but prize other champions of lunacy—Reid being high on my list for pacing, style and sheer invention. Pretenders tremble in his wake... IT'S 'IM!