Thursday, 12 July 2012

The Ultimate Beano Summer Special No.3!!

Well this was a lovely surprise thanks to Digi at comicsuk forum for the heads up..
This still has pages from the Beano summer specials of the past But the older material is from the Beano comic..which is really nice to see. See examples below..

 They reproduce old comics so well in this glossy format...all the colours are clear.
 I also love the black and white and red tone ones as well..its a great format for old comics..

I really hope this becomes more regular..Monthly?
.it could even be a replacement for Classics from the comics which I miss a lot.

Anyway its really good news and I recommend it..
It has more older material from the Beano comic then last time.

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George Shiers said...

If it does become monthly I really hope it becomes more accessible - I've only managed to get the first one - and it's just not avaliable in ANY shops down here in NZ!!