Sunday, 26 February 2012

Ron Spencer's The Beano's Baby-Face and all his cousins!!

Baby-face mum gives Bully Beef's mum a rival in the looks department..:)

These cousins of Baby-face can get very strange..funny strange..:)
Heres Ron's version of the Three Bears...its fun that Little Plum, Three bears and Baby-face are in the same location!! Baby-face first appeared ina Little Plum page before getting his own page..I remember a Beano comic library showing all three characters together..

Parrot-face is a fun character..

after all those different cousins storylines it changed when Baby-face came back to The Beano..which still worked well..

Its nice how they showed how Baby-face ended up in Britain and showing the Marshal waving him off..the storylines were more about toys and sweets pinching..and the local police after him..sometimes his cousins came to visit and Mummy-face seemed to have moved to Britian as well!!

What I like about Baby-face is his unique appearance it is such a unusual face the nostrils the wide mouth...also love the motorised pram...and the classic Yuk! Yuk! laugh..what a great character..
These characters and actions are like a Warner Brothers cartoon..

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Tom Badguy said...

Cool stuff, I like it. Cool page.