Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Fun page layouts in The Beano book 1973 and 1976

I love how creative these pages shows what can be done...instead of the usual these page layouts sing out..
I was always taught that you should make every page different and these certainly do..

I have reached my limited on Lew warned me I shouldn't rely on other places to upload was going so well until they said today I'll have to pay money for the space..I'm 1000 pictures over the limited and they will delete 1000 of them in March!! I'm going to have to save each picture resize them to smaller band width and hopefully will get my space back on this blog to reupload them..its a job I've put it has arrived...this reminds me of the time geocities closed and I had to rescue everything..ironically the websites are up after all that..well better start saving :(

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