Wednesday, 1 February 2012

Bob McGrath's DC Thomson comic work through the years.part 2.

Here's Bob McGrath's Miguel the Matador as he appears in the 1965 Beezer Book:
thanks to Phil Rushton
I like how he has a patch on his bottom from the other time the Bull has hit him..:)

At the comicsuk forum there is an unusual thing where this character owned by DC Thomson also appeared in a IPC's 1979 Valiant Annual! see it at the link..

5th Nov 1966 Beano
Bob has done some great title panels...see else where on the blog..I also love the way he frames each panel..looking in different horizons...nothing is flat with Bob..I love the first panel with the food closes to us as they walk away...the great thing about doing a blog on comics is relooking at an artist in more can take it all for granted..I also like Ted bear rapid movement showing two heads..

Bob had the difficult task in my mind of taking over Dudley D Watkins when he died on Ginger..

I like how Ginger's feet are under the tablecloth in the first panel and animate in the third gives it just that extra bit of life for the action of falling backwards..its also nice when the Dad talks to the reader...

Will definitly look at Bob's work more...

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