Monday, 27 June 2011

Minnie the minx by Jim Petrie a closer look..movement part 3

Jim is great at capturing time movement..he would of beena good Billy Whizz artist..
He sure is great at drawing energy..


Anonymous said...

fascinating insights into Jim's cartoon techniques, Peter.

One D C Thomson editor told me that Jim's pencils were beautiful, much nicer than his inkings.

cheers, SPY.

Peter Gray said...

Thanks Spy

It may give us all new ideas for our own cartoons...i've been reading a lot of Minnie the minx by Jim recently and had to share my observations..
lots of blogs on American comic artists...I wanted to show our countries show what they are missing..

ramapith said...

Jim was unsurpassed in his unique style. Many of us Yanks could benefit from getting to know his work—it's a great shame that the Beano characters never came Stateside during their great years in the 1950s-1980s. (After discovering it with the help of a Denis Gifford book and a British neighbor, I ended up with an overseas subscription in 1989...)

It's hard to think of Jim and movement without thinking about Fatty Fudge. How many fat characters were as active as Fatty while still being as convincingly big and bulky? (Ah, for good old Fatty licking his lips with three tongues at once... or for some of those especially gluttonous movie parodies from about 1990...)

Peter Gray said...

Glad you didn't miss out on our comics..:)

I agree the way Jim draws tongues deserve a post all on its own..quite amazing stuff...:)

jim petrie said...

Ian Chisolm (CHIZ) always said dryly "Lets see it in the Ink!!"Just going back into the Dim & Distant,Peter as I viewed Minnie panels. I kept only a few Beanos so thanks for a look back and your excellent praises!! Jim Petrie

Peter Gray said...

Great for your response Jim:)

I'm also looking forward to your one off Fatty Fudge which will appear soon in the Beano..