Sunday, 26 June 2011

Minnie the minx by Jim Petrie a closer look..expressions part 2

Beano Dec 23rd 1978

Back from my holiday from not as many blog posts this Month..
I've took with me my 1977/78 Beano's and marvelled at the artists talents what great craftmanships..
This one stood out look how Jim has captured so many different expressions of Minnie..two different looks in each panel..
Jim must of used a mirror..
loved the tongue of Minnie used in a fun way...also the rapid nod side to side of the head on the top of the page 2...also what fun to see them all as turkeys!!
All artists including me should try and copy some of these expressions...
Jim really made each panel different and the characters..


jim petrie said...

Just remembering some of Minnies expressions ,Peter. Ablast from the dim and distant for me Thanks Peter!! Best wishes Jim

Peter Gray said...

You must of used a mirror!! I love your work so much...