Wednesday, 29 June 2011

Jim Petrie's The Sparky People a darts match with The Beano editors..writers

17th July 1971 Sparky

Heres a gem and you can see on there backs there names..
one is Al?

The other is Ian whc must be Ian Gray

Can't see who is the bowler hatted character? Come on someone must know a Beano worker who wore a bowler hat...:)


Anonymous said...

I was very interested in the Ian Gray Link, Peter.....Ian took me on as a comic artist in the mid-80s. I thought he was much older , in his 50s when I met him [he must have been 46] due to his RAF handlebar moustache!

He was a real character, and very interesting to find out so much info on him.

You would have loved this very exuberant character, Peter!

cheers, SPY.

Peter Gray said...

He has the same surname as me maybe we are related in our family tree...

Yes I would love to meet artists and editors..writers for DC Thomson.