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The Space Kids by Ron Smith -The Beezer 10th Sept 1966

10th Sept 1966 The Beezer
What a pickle they've got the ideas of the strange monkeys and the hidden mine like cacti..very creepy..

After Space Kids left us on a cliff hanger because Classic from the comics which was reprinting it ended..Kashgar has put up some useful information in which issues it was in..

Managed to have a look and here is the full run down of 'The Space Kids' strip as it appeared in the Beezer.
As already mentioned the original series ran from No 457(17/10/64) (the issue when Beezer had its major 1960's overhaul and leapt from 12 to 16pgs) to No 557 (17/9/66).
Then in 1976/1977 this 101 issue series was partially reprinted in a run of 56 issues in issues 1044(17/7/76) to 1099(5/2/77).
The issues that were reprinted were as follows -
1044-1086 reprinted 457-499
1087-1092 reprinted 502-507
1093-1094 reprinted 518-519 (the 1965 Xmas story)
1095-1099 reprinted 553-557
Digi is correct in his reprint history as it applied to the 1976 reprint series. The full reprint history being as follows
Classics 170 reprinted 1044/1045 (457/458)
Classics 171 reprinted 1046/1047 (459/460)
Classics 172 reprinted 1048/1085/1086 (461/498/499)
Classics 173 reprinted 1087/1088 (502/503)
Classics 174 reprinted 1089 (504)
Classics 175 reprinted 1090 (505)
Now while it is true that, after the strip published in the final issue of Classics, the series still had nine issues to run in 1976/1977 this doesn't mean that you would need to collect all nine instalments to see how the particular story left unfinished with the closure of Classics ended. This particular Space Kids adventure having reached its denouement in issue No 1092(18/12/76) only two issues after the final Classics episode.
I've checked a number of the obvious sources to see if they have copies of the two Beezers in question (1091/1092) available and 30th Century Comics does have issue 1091 for sale but sadly not 1092. However someone on ebay is selling the Beezer issues where the strips both originally appeared (506/507) with a starting bid of £2.99 each Thanks to Kashgar


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