Monday, 6 December 2010

The Beezers 4th October 1975 Krunch, the monster from the Deep by Frank Mc Diarmid

This image is from Bruce..thanks to him...its from the link below at comicsuk forum..

Heres Bruces blog from Australia

Krunch looks like a very exciting tale..though pretty grim the destruction of the lighthouse and train..the train really did look like a toy..
The monster itself is strange with tentacles and orange with yellow spots..a kind of alien lizard..the way it throws the train away in that long distance shot is great..depth really adds to an adventure story..
also good fast pace and talking endlessly around a table..But talking on the move..and outside..
Its always great to see a new Frank comic work..


Raven said...

Hi, Peter - you've titled this 4th October 1973, but shouldn't it be 4th October 1975?

I don't tend to associate McDiarmiud with adventure strips but this is good stuff.

Peter Gray said...

Frank also drew Willie Bunk in Whizzer and Chips an adventure the top of my head..