Tuesday, 21 December 2010

Leo Baxendale's The Nits of the round table Leo the king of snow in comics!!

29th Dec 1973 Christmas Buster and Jet

26th Jan 1974 Buster and Jet

I love the way Leo draws snow..and you can really feel the cold reading it..also he does a great Dear diary effect in that second one which he often did in The Swots and the Blots with Fred Blot telling the story..with ink blots accidently on the picture..

I thought I had done every Leo Baxendale comic page But I found this..so great I can share this..


Nits of the Round Table
Launched: 24th November 1973

Ended: 23rd March 1974

In: Buster

Anyone got any info on Tiger comic and did Leo draw other characters in Tiger?

It'll be a reprint of the strip he drew for Valiant from late November 1966 to late April 1967, Peter. The Buster site should say it's a reprint from Valiant, not Tiger.

I knew Leo drew for Lion so I thought the info was correct...so it was Valiant it was from..
Thanks Raven for the correction..


Steven Hartley said...

Leo Baxendale's drawings are brilliant; they remind me of Tom Paterson; I wonder if Paterson was influenced.

Peter Gray said...

Leo has inspired loads of comic artists Steven including Tom..

Leo's comic style has inspired Mike Lacey, Mike Brown, Ron Spencer, Lew Stringer and many more..