Monday, 9 August 2010

Very funny details fill David Sutherland's early Bash Street kids pages

The Bash Street kids annual 1984.
As a good guess this was from the 1970's Beano

Love the amount of stuff Teacher needs for a potted plant!!

This is the gag that made me laugh out loud! Love the shoe boxes and the helpful horse upside down!

Also love the tadpole in the vinegar.

Other details there is a Roman guard looking out of the Bash Castle window..
Also like the speech balloon coming out of the hole in the handle of the pot..
love Fatty's eyes going up and down after being hit out of the pot..
The swimming sharks in the moat..
The fried egg looks real
The strange rubbish in the kitchen
The Plugish gargoyles

Leo Baxendale isn't the only artist to add lots of fun details..

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