Tuesday, 24 August 2010

School Fun with David Mostyn! Its out of this world..

David drew some great wrap around covers..with a bit of St Trinians feel..
Real shame School fun only lasted 33 issues..before joining Buster..

Heres how it started in School Fun comic number 1 15th October 1983.
I like the amazing powers he has!! Like the disintegrater coming out of his finger!!
Its also nice that his story is a on going story with the last panel saying what will happen next week...

The bikes lifting into the air does remind me of a film about an alien...;)

Can anyone tell me how E.T.T ended? thanks..

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C said...

I love Fatty's design (why are the fat kids always named Fatty? That's kind of mean!) and the kid in the space shuttle cauldron.