Friday, 27 August 2010

K.B.R (Kid Band Radio) from Wow comic by David Mostyn

The first KBR was in Wow number 1.
Later on in Wow there was a letter page where readers can send in there own KBR messages..

Mobiles and texting were not around for kids in CB's were the craze..
I suppose we have text language today...not has strange as the CB language..
CB's have been around a long time...Hancock's Half Hour had the Radio Ham classic in the 50's...the difference here is that the CB's were portable.

KBR lasted through out Wow's comic one year run and briefly lasted in Whoopee and Wow in the merger..

Heres Ed McHenry and David Mostyn working together again for the puzzle page in the first few issues of Wow! comic.
I like the idea of a time limit to do the puzzle..a new fun element..

Heres Ed McHenry Wow comic work he did later on in Wow's comic run...inspired by The Two Ronnies opening and closing -Here is the News spot on there show.

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