Tuesday, 5 January 2010

The many fun adverts in just one issue of The Beano in 1990.

The lolly on the cover is an advert..:) yummy..

Who could forget this advert animation...love it..see it on youtube..it will bring it back and the great music that went with it..

Now we have robot hamsters running in a winding tube as the best toy!

A wobbly drawn comic page advert..a kind of Bash Street kids -Danny and Toots look...though just a bit different so has not to get done..later these comic page adverts of products used actual comic artists like Gordon Bell and were much better..

What a change The Beano had in 1988 the 50th Birthday..when it went glossy with more colour and pages. All thanks to the introduction of adverts mostly. I don't mind adverts in comics if they are this fun and drawn..

Blog post inspired by Lew..


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