Thursday, 28 January 2010

Bill Ritchie's late 80's Baby Crockett with great fun page borders

Bill Ritchie 1931-2010

I love the elephant one leaning on the page..really shows the weight of it..also Bill is great at drawing caricatures of tv stars.

Love the gag in the black borders of the editors desk being a bed!:))

I will be doing some more posts on Bill Ritchie to show other characters I missed e.g Supporting Life in Plug Comic.

I've left my thoughts on Bill Ritchie who died on Monday at Lews blog and comicsuk forum..

Just to simply say thanks Bill for all the fun your work has given to me..
My prayers are with your family and friends who will miss you greatly..

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Anonymous said...

fantastic artist , and I associate him mostly with BABY CROCKETT and BEEZER despite all his work on Sparky [the MOONSTERS/BARNEY BULLDOG. Peter.........his style was unique to himself, and instantly recognizable...

many thanks for the memories.....SPY.