Friday, 29 January 2010

Bill Ritchie's late Beezer and Topper comic work

Bill drew a character called Kong for Topper comic which was then called Topper '88 then next year Topper '89 up to 90.

Then Beezer and Topper joined together and Bill drew the above characters for the comic and special one off's..

Has mentioned on Lews blog post on Bill Ritchie his comic page was well constructed..
the In the News scan shows that at its best using many artistic rules in balance and making the eye look round the page. Note the zig zag of the pictures on the page...the echo of the black half circle shape...which is used throughout..
Also the use of inside and outside the cage on the Kong comic page..moving the readers eyes around..

Gnatasha is a puppy from when Gnasher had children..the most famous being Gnipper.

Love the snow on the roof tops great against the black snowy sky in the Merry Christmas page...also the way he draws a Christmas tree with the prickles..

It was nice seeing Baby Crockett in colour in the new Beezer and Topper comic he really was a good colourist and artist.

It was a shame Beezer and Topper came to an end it was a good wacky fun comic..sadly I never bought one at the time was the wrong age for it...would buy it today now i'm 35 and not a older teenager!!

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