Monday, 23 November 2009

Plum Duffy by Brian White. A silly fun Topper strip.


Plum Duffy was originally drawn by Brian White, the artist who had drawn the Nipper newspaper strip in the 1930's.

Thanks to Kashgar for the info.

The strip went beyond Christmas and ended in May 4th 1974.
Just shows Topper comic could also be very quirky like Sparky.


Andy Boal said...

Peter, I don't think that's Phil Millar - not sure who it is though!

Lew Stringer said...

Looks like a new artist trying out to me. No idea who it is, but it's nothing like Phil Millar's slick brushwork.

Anonymous said...

brilliantly surrealist strip, Peter: the last episode is a piece of comics history!