Tuesday, 3 November 2009

Paddy Brennan's The Amazing Peet from Planet K from Topper

Just like the previous blog posts on Paddy Brennan captured the 1950's this comic page from 1973 captures the era.
Its so wonderfully 1970's...
the clothes, cars, supermarket, the prices of food with 2p off its just magic to look at.
It is always worth another look at a comic page from the past by a top artist and marvel at the details.
Also a fun little odd character.
Its the tongue which sticks in my mind.

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Maria said...

I think the 1973 sections look wonderfully 1960s in most ways, not 1970s.

The first six years of the stagnant '70s were horrendously overshadowed by the 1960s fashion-wise. And there was a '50s revival which spanned the '70s and the '80s!

In 1977, the '70s began plundering the '60s for a ska/mods and rockers revival.