Thursday, 26 November 2009

Lumbering Jack the 142 years old Policeman

Andrew Christine

For Peter and ISpy here are the first two full episodes of Lumbering Jack shown just as they appeared in Topper no's 902 and 903 (May 16th & 23rd 1970), followed by the final panels of the last-ever episode from no. 911 (July 18th). Amazingly enough it only lasted for ten issues!

Incidentally, according to Ray the version of Jack in the 1972 Annual was indeed drawn by John Dallas.

It's interesting to note that Lumbering Jack was relatively unusual for a British humour strip in that it featured a vague plotline which actually developed from week to week with a beginning, middle and end. As such it probably had more in common with the traditional adventure strip than a series such as 'Dennis the Menace' where the same dance of Hubris/Nemesis is enacted over and over again every week, with few developments beyond the occasional acquisition of a dog or a sister.

Phil Rushton

Thanks Phil Rushton from comicsuk forum

John Dallas version in the 1972 Topper Book.

This strip was quite strong stuff...lots of hitting and smacking no wonder it didn't last long.

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Anonymous said...

this strip DOES look a bit brutal, today, PETER! Very memorable for some reason, though...maybe it's that old-fashioned corporal punishment!

Yes, these pages look like they're by JOHN DALLAS.

Thanks for screening this stuff [thanks to Phil Rushton also.]