Sunday, 27 September 2009

George Martin's Topper Comic work..

Mid 1960's Topper..

George didn't draw Desert Island Dick..TOM BANNISTER drew Dick..
['KINGUSSIE' is a small area in Scotland] info from Spy..

Thanks to Spy again for Scans from Dennis the Menace forum,,
George is great at the long stories.....Send for Kelly is famous for this..another post on this shortly..


Cladge said...

It's really great to see these George Martin works of art (some new to me, some well-remembered!).

You may remember I commented on one of your earlier posts on George Martin, where I also asked about the newspaper strips he did. You told me some names, and I recognised that "Bunion" was the one I used to read. I was always fascinated by this strip because it was always 3 panels, no words and the last panel was the "punchline"!

If you or anyone ever comes across some old "Bunion" strips, please let me know! Probably difficult though, as people tend to keep comics rather than newspapers, I guess.

el pancake said...

ah..someone else who remembers Bunion...I havent seen it in decades...cant find any strips anywhere (my internet search continues)

john waterfield said...

Re the cartoon strip BUNION, you can see the character displayed every night in the EXPRESS & STAR newspaper. The E&S is a Wolverhampton publication.

Cladge said...

I haven't checked this site for a while, and I've just noticed that last comment about the Express and Star. That's interesting...are they Bunion reprints, ie. George Martin originals? Or are they a modern take on the strip by another artist? Is it possible to get copies of local newspapers without visiting the locality?!

I also received the following link:, from an anonymous email claiming to have a whole load of Bunion strips. However, the URL just gives me a "connection error". Did anyone here send this?

Danielle Sims said...

i have loads of artist proof Bunion and Stymie if anyone can help me