Wednesday, 2 September 2009

Charles Griggs Beano's work

Charles Griggs drew more than just for The Dandy..Korky the cat..Deseperate Dan in the Annuals and Summer specials 1969 onwards..The Red Wrecker..and many other adventure stories
and naughty fun postcards..

He also drew for The Beano!

8th Feb 1958.

24th August 1957

A kind of Korky the cat for The Beano But with also a canary! I do like the slap stick fun of this strip.
Both from 27th Dec 1952.

Love the different movements of the ostrich...curling up...kicking backwards with its foot. Charles must of gone to the zoo...Charles is very good at drawing animals.
Of course Charles Griggs best work has to be Korky the cat..

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