Tuesday, 8 September 2009

George Martin's Later Comic work..

Heres Blinky in a another setting...ready for more misunderstandings..

Heres how Nick Kelly looked in the later years..now with a younger assistant..Beezer and Topper comic 22nd Dec 1990. Bring back Cecil I'd say..also not enough space for a better story. Harry was not a hit with me..

10th August 1985.

George drew Colonal Blink in the later Beezers..this is from 1988.

A new Blinky for Beezer and Topper comic 8th August 1992. Older characters were out and younger characters in..which is a shame...

25th January 1986.
Though it was nice seeing older characters back in the comic and nicely drawn the strips weren't funny enough for me and felt it was a waste of space in the new Hoot comic.

Beezer 29th October 1988.
George is a great gag cartoonist..I like these jokes a lot..

Topper 12th Sept 1981.
George is great at the long stories over several weeks..the cliff hangers...it has a film quality to it..

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