Tuesday, 18 March 2014

*KAZOOP !!: A LOOK AT MONSTER FUN STRIPS: X-RAY SPECS (he could also read minds!)

*KAZOOP !!: A LOOK AT MONSTER FUN STRIPS: X-RAY SPECS: Ray was as an ordinary boy until a mystery optician (I.Squint) gave him a pair of specs with x-ray vision. From then on he became one ...
Heres my advert for Kazoop it shows all the different things X Ray specs can do..see link above..

This is the last Christmas X Ray Specs Mike Lacey drew Dec 1991 it ended in Feb 1992 becoming reprints (sadly!).... and at this time his X Ray specs could read minds!! 
I love the ending of this strip..;0)
Mike could of if he wanted to work for DC Thomson..
Mike still drew very well indeed!

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