Friday, 14 March 2014

*KAZOOP !!: A LOOK AT MONSTER FUN STRIPS: KID KONG see also the later Kid Kong by Rob Lee and his version of an origin!

Kid Kong in Buster was a one pager 17th Jan 1981...thought this page was funny so had to show it..

Then in 21st March 1981 it became two pages with a new origin based on the old...also Gran was brought back to her original self without glasses and hearing aid...which kind of works...
Rob Lee's art is nice to see and has a bit of Robert Nixon style about it..

Now go to the link to see Monster Fun's Kid Kong by the great Robert Nixon at Kazoop...
*KAZOOP !!: A LOOK AT MONSTER FUN STRIPS: KID KONG: As we know from the introductory three-pager, Kid Kong was ‘the biggest gorilla in the World and son of the famous King Kong’. ..

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