Saturday, 22 December 2012

75 years of The Dandy Christmas 1975 my thoughts on the online Dandy!

I wonder 

Jack Prout having fun drawing this quirky strip.

Poor Creep! erm hooray for Winker!!

Bully Beef has a weak point love!!
I wonder if the Korky cover had something else planned to pull Korky's cracker has there is a llot of space on the left?

Doing all these post on The Dandy may give the impression The Dandy has ended...But there's a very good version 
online at 

It is very well drawn and gone back to an old style. Desperate Dan, Bananaman, Brassneck and Mister X are all very good. though I enjoyed Jamie's Desperate Dan and was a nice change I think Jamie's work is much better for quirky strips like the Numbskulls. It is a shame the print version ended when this version online is so good and needs to be seen. Hopefully if enough people subscribe at £1.50 an issue it could come back in a print form in the future! 

Some ideas I would like the online Dandy to do...put all games in one section and not in the middle of the story as my old computer struggles to make them work. Also it would be fun if there was one old page from Dandy's past included. Another idea maybe there could be a print version to order online avoiding the shops. I suppose being a collector of comics I do prefer paper versions. With Tom Paterson coming out of retirement to work for the online Dandy later on I've been very impressed. Well done everyone!

Happy Christmas and Happy New Year

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