Tuesday, 20 November 2012

Gordon Bell is great at facial expressions in his comic work

The Beano 4th Nov 1978

You don't need words to know what's going on in these pictures..

The variety he uses in one page is a good lesson to us all...
I'm good at doing expression in my own cartoons . I read as a kid Gordon Bell's comic work which really inspired me also the Mr Men :0) in how to do facial and body poses of many types.


George Shiers said...

True - he is brilliant at expressions! Just as Jim Petrie was excellent at busy scenes!

Cameron Clark said...

Sorry to say that Gordon passed away on Thursday 13th Feb. Fanatic that he was, he was working on new cartoons up until a few days before his death, and even managed a last cartoon while lying in bed a few hours before his death. He will be sorely missed.