Sunday, 23 September 2012

Looking at the early Ken Reid's Faceache...

Buster and Jet 14th October 1972
What has been a revelation to me is that Ken Reid wrote Faceache all the way up to the early 80's only then did other writers take happened when Jackpot joined Buster 1982. It shows how good Ken was at writing the strip and with his dark humour. 

Looking at these two different strips and others I've noticed that Ken loved writing accents for his characters..or speech impediments. Ken did this in Jinx for The Beano with her buck teeth making her say th..all the -Hi readerth! my nameth is Jinx's! Another great thing Ken wrote was funny sound effects like the strip above. 

We don't see dialogue from characters being different much these days in the way Stan Lee wrote for his Marvel characters. It really is a great character device and should be used.

Buster and Jet 28th April 1973
This strip really creeped me out! 

You can really see Faceache's  freaked out by it.. also the strangeness of it ..also the thought of the father is talking to them..which we don't see But can imagine!! Maybe its the mushtooms having no eyes But large mouths make it horrible to look at..

I'm going to have to get some more Buster from the 70's!

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TwoHeadedBoy said...

Oh, for a book of the complete Faceache! Always loved the fat little weirdo (and yes, his unique language).

Has there ever been a more imaginative artist than Ken Reid? At least in comic-terms, obviously.