Tuesday, 25 September 2012

Ken Reid's Faceache part 2 -mid 70's

Buster and Cor!! 18th Jan 1975
Love that last panel it so strange!

When Buster joined Cor!! the comic got slightly smaller which to me was a shame. 
As you can see the top row is harder to see all the detail. The strip before had an extra half a row of space making all the difference. In Buster this also effected the adventure strips having less space to tell a story.

Buster 8th Nov 1975

So Ken adapted and drew it has three rows. He also made the panels thinner to get the extra panels in.
buster and Cor!! 7th June 1975
Also Faceache scrunges were more larger than life then before and the strip now says instead of a hundred faces But a thousand faces he can do!

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