Tuesday, 5 June 2012

Tv Comic 29th October 1982

Drawing Warner Bros cartoon characters are very tricky to do..it does stand out..and I like the carrot bobbing idea..I couldn't find anything about David Essex in the issue?

Dick Millington

The extra 4 pages I'm showing two examples were little half pages..I loved Russ Abbot!!

and Dangermouse!!

Dick Millington...Its funny how in comics the husband and wives end up looking the same!!

The funniest in this issue!!

This must of been a reprint!!

Another funny story my second favourite in the issue..
..who cares if Bugs is off model a bit!! At least he looks different in each panel

This looks like the work of Bill Titcombe..love the painted effect..also great to look at..

Classic ad...

Bill Titcombe who does a great job on Tom and Jerry a nice flowing style.full of action..

I don't remember this series..But I do Battle of the Planets..

Its quite impressive how many of the pages are in colour and on good paper..

Just like the Bistro kids smelling the air...like the gravy advert Busby has to be with a phone..But what on earth did he say to the mouse!!!!! An obscene call!!
 There is also in the issue Laurel and Hardy and a letter page called Chat-a-box...

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