Tuesday, 26 June 2012

UPDATE David Sell comic work in Krazy comic 1978

I knew the artist was David But now thanks to a reader it is David Sell!

I love his way of drawing Tv Stars of the time..nice big noses!!

Here is another David Sell gem...now with his full name in the label. a very early blog post by me..
Here David's other comic work
Whoopee!! 24th Jan 1976

Krazy 13th Nov 1976


Lew Stringer said...

Good detective work, Peter! I'd never heard of this artist before. His style isn't familiar. (I stopped reading UK humour comics for a few years in the mid to late seventies because I thought I was too old for them. :))

I wonder if he continued to work in comics or whether he branched out into commercial illustration, greetings cards etc?

Peter Gray said...

I think he drew Mum's the word in whoopee mid 70's and also in Krazy Kelly's Telly..
then it seems to stop after Krazy ends...I hope he did carry on drawing cartoons as you say..