Tuesday, 1 May 2012

Tom Thug's komik with Lew Stringer...Jim Hanson and Jack Edward Oliver helping out..

Poor Odd Ball!!

 This last page isn't by Lew Stringer like the top three scans But by Jim Hanson continuing the story..

Jack Edward Oliver joins in the fun with Tom Thug being the butt of all the jokes, letters, dot to dot, drawings!! .
Its great when artists team up to do something special. 

On a side note the Cliff Hanger conclusion on the page works better when it came out in the 80's as Buster came free with a Ghostbuster badge!!


Lew Stringer said...

Hi Peter,

I'm glad you like the story. It was great fun to do and an honour to have Tom Thug on the cover of one of my favourite comics. Apparently Tom had been rating very highly in the readers poll so the editor (Allen Cummings) asked me to come up with a story where Tom takes over the cover spot. A great privilege for me to do that. Buster's usual cover colourist John Burns (nephew of the artist John M. Burns) coloured the cover.

I wrote the whole story by the way, including the fourth page (the Buster strip) which Jimmy Hansen drew. I didn't know Jack Oliver would be doing a Tom Thug theme on the letters page though so that was a nice surprise.

The Tom Thug strip featured on a few more Buster covers after that occasionally. Very proud of those issues.


Peter Gray said...

You deserve it..;)
I bet Mike Lacey was honoured when
X Ray specs made the Buster cover..

Did Tom Thug make the cover of Oink sometimes..?

Lew Stringer said...

Mike Lacey had already drawn loads of covers for Odhams, Fleetway and IPC so he probably took it in his stride. :)

Re: Tom Thug, yes he appeared on three or four Oink! covers that I drew.