Tuesday, 15 May 2012

New for May 2012 Animal art and a few landscape!!

The dark background really shows up the bunnys white paws..very pleased with this..

Got myself some new acrylics paints so can have more different colours..

Doberman puppy

This will be popular!!

Whippet this is selling well as cards..
Thought I'd try landscape,,good fun doing snow..Giles of course was brilliant at that..was inspired by him to have a go..

People who like skiing like this one..

I use an old toothbrush to get the splatter effect background..

Got the splashes right on this one with my toothbrush..

Love the colours I used for this one..

They look like to me they are swimming in space!!

A better scotty dog drawing..I've improved!!

This is going down very well as card!!

My teddybear quilt is in the background...also thats Carol's teddy!

My friend Richard who has a neighbour cat coming in everyday called Smudge!

I can draw people dogs..cats..rabbits..horses..black and white A3 on good paper for £60..please email me your best pet photo..I like drawing faces best and maybe a nice Birthday present for someone..

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Rabsmith said...

Your work is sure improving rapidly and confidently, Peter---I especially like the two bunnies with the purple background!