Tuesday, 19 July 2011

Martin Baxendale's comic work the son of Leo..:)

Buster mid 70's
Thanks to Leo Baxendale himself in an earlier post we now know that this is by Martin Baxendale who took over some of Leo's Buster comic work when he left to do Bad Time Bedtime story in Monster fun 1975 April. The style is very good and I really thought it was by Leo Baxendale or Colin Whittock.

Jackpot early 80's...Tom Paterson was the main artist and Nigel Edwards

Whoopee and Wow..a good team up of Kid Comic and Smiler when Whoopee's Smiler joined Wow's Kid Comic.

Here is the post I did trying to work out Martin Baxendale's early work before he signed it..

See Deadly Headley here at Bruce's site..

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