Sunday, 17 July 2011

Jim Petrie's Jackpot comics The Incredible Sulk in more detail

It made it to the cover and back page in colour..

The first one Jackpot number 1
5th May 1979

As you can see Jim puts so much energy into his work...what a great character for him to play with..its almost bouncing off the walls..and that lower lip covering his nose in a huge sulk is so memorable!!!
Heres some great images I've found looking through...must do this with another top artist Ian Knox sometime..

The Beano recently had an angry character...though sadly short lived...see Nigel's blog..

I will get round one day to put up the World Wide Werdies..I havn't forgotten..just have to be in the mood as it will take a lot of sorting out..

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Bruce Laing said...

That was one of my favourite strips from "Jackpot" (outside of Steve Bell's "Gremlins")

I didn't realise that was Jim's work until recently. :)