Saturday, 25 July 2009

Vic Neill's Comic work

School Fun summer special 1986.

The Beano 24th August 1974. I love this strip the various McHaggis are great fun. One of Vic's best strip.

The Beano 14th Sept 1974 the issue when Dennis the Menace is now on the cover.

The Beano 4th Sept 1993. Also drawn by David Sutherland.

Taken over from Dudley after his death in 1969. I do like Vic's Mickey. Its nice he shows the family of Mickey he did the same with Plug and other comic characters he drew. Vic seems to like to draw relatives in his strips.

Nipper comic 4th July/17th July 1987. Later drawn by Sid Burgon.

Beano 4th July 1998.
A nice Billy Whizz. Reprinted today in The Beano. They are very well written and nice and quirky.

The last work Vic did for Buster 22nd Sept 1990. It is strange seeing an adult horror star turned into a comic page for young readers.


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Baby Giraffe

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