Friday, 3 July 2009

A groovy 60's posters by me..number 2

Its based on a unusual Beatles song..
look it up on youtube three cool goes well for a groovy 60's poster..


Rafiq Raja said...

Looks like a lot of fun, the moment you see the Poster... Nice choice of vibrant colors :)


Peter Gray said...

Thanks for the kind words..
it was good fun to do..
might do another one..
Go cat go!
from Bill Haley..
just got to think of the picture now.

dennis the menace said...

any tips on drawing the hair and the body as i am not bad at faces.

Peter Gray said...

Just experiment..
use a magazine to see different hairstyles..
draw a character without a body..
or use lots of long make a body...
curls can be a curley number 9 shape lots of times..

dennis the menace said...

thanks again peter
dennis the menace

Anonymous said...

You still doing cartoons? Sounds like good fun

Peter Gray said...

Yes I must get drawing again..