Thursday, 25 June 2009

Ken Reid's Banger and Masher!! and Bear Alley book news..

I have this great reprint book Fun comic Album 1989. It introduced me to so many new characters to me...from the 60's Power comics. Like The Cloak, Queen of the sea, The Nervs, Georges Germs, Eagle eye Junior Spy, Bad Penny and Banger and Masher!!
The Fun comic album had long complete stories and really was great for a new reader like me at the time.

Not sure where Banger and Masher come from by Ken Reid...can anyone help?

Raven Post Banger and Masher were in Valiant circa 1970/71.

Bear Alley books is going to be doing the same soon...seeing long stories in print in book form. I'm helping on one of the hunour comic books he is doing..I've written the intro...I'll tell more when it is announced.

It will soon be on sale...start saving...see the updates on the blog list on the left..

love this drawing...use it has a computer screen picture.I have..

Its an exciting time for comics...
Another one to look out for is the Best of Buster in WHSmiths which will be coming out in September..I can't wait..:)


John Gilheany said...

Never seen any of this before but it's great that the 'gloves off' style of Ken Reid's storytelling survived for a while before the transition between Odhams Press and Fleetway left humour strips largely sanitised.

Maybe Valiant was just the right outlet at the time - this is nothing like the Whizzkid/Chipite rivalry that I was brought up on although 'Shiner' seems like quite a nasty strip in its own way!

Raven said...

Ken Reid's Faceache could be fairly outlandish and demented in its early 70s Buster period, too!

Peter Gray said...

I agree Raven he was still very good in the 70's....look at the World Wide Weirdies for example an amazing creation!!

Wonder if I'll find any other Ken Reid comic pages to show....any other characters that I have missed.

There are two in a Beano annual which I need to find which he did..
The Dog that wouldn't talk.
Hal O' the axe.
I got the info from The History of The Beano coffee book.

John Gilheany said...

Now you mention it - I became a 'Buster' reader for a couple of years after it consumed 'Jackpot' and Faceache's scrunges from around 1982-83 were really detailed and warped: like a 'Creepy Creation' but usually for just one brief panel.

I sold the lot much to my everlasting regret but a scrunge gallery could perhaps take over where others left off..?

Peter Gray said...

I might do that one day a Faceache scrunge best of post..

Just got some more Creepy Creation scans quite a more to upload soon...really great news and thanks to Andrew..

Raven said...

Martha's Monster Make-Up from Monster Fun was another good '70s one of his with a goodly amount of disturbing looking creatures.

Tin Can Tommy said...

this book appears to be on sale at Amazon but is quite pricey at £14 and it the amazon page lacks pictures.
Anyone bought this off the Amazon page and this looks like its worth £14 but is it?