Saturday, 2 May 2009

Oliver Passingham exhibition at Arundel

a breather from Ken Reid for a minute...

Peter Hansen

Went to an exhibition of his work in Arundel yesterday..very good and many different styles...also good humour...liked the dinosaurs making a snowman...some nice quirky stuff..

It reminded me of my Dads drawings and paintings which I don't see very often in other artists ...meaning the amount of styles he used and the stories in his art and paintings. Well worth a visit..

Phil has shown some more picture of his work here at comicsuk forum...thanks Phil

The work can be bought...wished I'd bought one now..not too pricey and prints are also for sale...

Oliver Passingham drew loads of stuff for the Thomson girl's papers, mostly Mandy and Judy. He didn't draw anything for the boy's papers though. thanks to Kashgar for more information on his work..

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