Tuesday, 19 May 2009

Money Fun comic no.1 September 1981.

The whole story is an advert.

Denis Gifford drew Koo KOo Korner for the early 1970's Whizzer and Chips.

This comic is all about saving money in a National Savings bank. Quite funny seeing all the propaganda. Also a lot of the pages seem to hark back to the early 1920's...30's..40's..50's in style and characters. Denis Grifford who designed and produced this who loves and collected old comics...look at the Kiss of Life by Brian Walker with the old Chips, Jester and Joker comic charactrs coming to life.

Anyone know anything more about any of the artists ... Graham Webb, Jim Baikie and Chas the comic artist? or more info about Money Fun the comic..
DG stands for Denis Gifford who wrote it.

Issue 2 next time ...with The Cash Street kids drawn by Les Barton with a credit to Leo Baxendale. post coming soon..


Raven said...

Coo,What a curiosity! I love the Jim Baikie art. He did quite a lot for 2000 AD, including illustrating Alan Moore's Skizz story, which I remember enjoying as a boy. He also drew for Look In; strips like The Fall Guy, Terrahawks and CHiPs. Saved From the North Sea looks quite Look-In-esque, don't you think?

Anonymous said...

It's great to see these weird odd comics from years gone bye cropping up,nice one Peter add soome more soon.

Peter Gray said...

Thanks for the info Raven...interesting what other work he did
issue 2 will come next Phil..

Anonymous said...

Hi Peter,

Is there anything by Basil Reynolds in no. 2?
He revisited his old artwork:
-"Skit, Skat and the Captain", which he drew for Mickey Mouse Weekly from the very first issue in 1936 (unfortunately I do not know when this b/w-series was terminated);
-"Wonders of the wild" looks just like his wildlife contributions to, again, Mickey Mouse weekly (1952-1954), Express Weekly and Express Annuals (1955-1962) and Playhour Annual (1957-1958).

Hope to see more like this in no. 2.


John Wigmans